Welcome to my vocal studio
"The True Connected Voice"

Do you experience vocal fatigue, loss of range, lack of range or even huge breaks in your range? If yes to any of these questions, I am your guy!

To me the proof is in the pudding, I take on a limited number of students, because I perform 5 to 6 nights a week and even somedays, I sing with comfort, ease and connection through plus 4 octaves range every night. I also welcome any potential students to come watch me sing anytime! I was not blessed with a natural huge range, I studied and studied and practiced and practiced to get the voice, control and range I now have. I discovered Speech Level Singing (sls) 15 years ago and have never looked back. I met Mary Walkley who at the time was a level five SLS teacher and Mary taught me how to really use and develop my voice, the healthy way. Then Mary and I started working on my skills as a teacher, I was Mary's first associate teacher, and together with a few other associates we developed, "The True Connected Voice"

I don't teach style, I teach technique which if learned, will allow you to sing any style you want, healthy, comfortable and most of all consistently !

I teach in the Tampa and Orlando areas.

Because of limited availability, I will only take on the serious singers.

My rates are as follows:

$65 / hour if you travel to me.

$75 / hour if you are within 15 miles of my traveling between Tampa and Orlando.

I also offer Skype lessons for $65 / hour.

My contact info

I look forward to working with you and unlocking your true potential as a singer.

Joe Genuardi