Welcome all to my page, it is with great joy that my music is all coming together. My song writing, voice and musical abilities are now on the same level with my life. I now have the abilities to write, record and produce my own music. I am very excited with the way the music business has changed; now I can bring my music to the whole world without the need of a record company’s support. Please sign up to my mailing list, I promise not to storm your inboxes with tons of emails. I would love your feedback on my music and your interest in seeing my live performances.

November 2009

One Show for the Orlando area! One show for the Tampa Area (Limited Seating). December 6th and December 12th. Please mark you calendars now! Click here or check the LIVE page to the left for more info. Hope to see you there.


A review from RadioIndy of “Last Round” by Matt M. and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team "The debut album, "Last Round" by Joe Genuardi is a fresh and well made "piano man" album." MORE...

August 2009
“Last Round” scheduled for an September 2009 release
My first CD (“Last Round” is scheduled for a September 2009 release) is what I call my “greatest hits”! I have spent my entire life writing songs, now I have picked the best of the best to make a CD that has something for everyone. My music at times is very personal; dealing with topics of Death, Life and Love, but at other times just stories that flowed through my mind. Songs like “Show Me The Way” came to me at a very young age and I have yet to actually have a son, but this irony of life and song is unbelievable to me. My songs have now matched where I am in my life. When I was young, I felt I was writing with a very mature lyrical content and the reality was, I really wasn’t that mature, musically and mentally, by the way if you know me, I am not sure if I am “mature” yet! I am proud to say the song “Don’t Walk Away” has been with me since the age of 13 and this song is still by far, the first song everyone comments on as their favorite. I think I have played this song, “Don’t Walk Away” in every original group I have been in and I by far, like this version the best. If you want to sample songs track by track, I recommend starting with “Don’t Walk Away”